HICKMAN'S HUNCHES for Games of Saturday, Sept. 24

Sept. 26, 1955
Sept. 26, 1955

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Sept. 26, 1955

Events & Discoveries
  • The blood quickens and the step becomes brisk. It's more than the winy air of fall. Next week is the World Series!

Preview: The World Series
Tarheel Triumph In The Old Dominion
The Wonderful World Of Sport
Football: Game Of The Week
Sporting Look
Sport In Art
  • In the throes of a pennant fight in 1934 the Tigers' great star, Hank Greenberg, wrestled with a problem of conscience. For the frenzied Detroit fans, the suspense was awful

19th Hole: The Readers Take Over
Pat On The Back

HICKMAN'S HUNCHES for Games of Saturday, Sept. 24

•Maryland vs. UCLA. Before last week's games I leaned toward the Terps, but Ronnie Knox and the single wing present too many problems. UCLA.

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•Notre Dame vs. Southern Methodist. Southern Methodist is large, fast and experienced. I'm bucking logic, perhaps, but Notre Dame is NOTRE DAME.

•Florida vs. Georgia Tech. Tech could be down after its win over Miami, but the Gators had a real tough one, too. GEORGIA TECH.

•Indiana vs. Michigan State. The Hoosiers are coming. The Spartans are "coming back." INDIANA.

•Southern Cal. vs. Oregon. The terrible Trojans toyed with a well-regarded Washington State. No contest. USC.

•Rice vs. Alabama. Toughness will be a Crimson Tide trademark, but the Owls are rated at the top of the Southwest Conference. RICE.

•Columbia vs. Brown. A puzzlement. Brown was strong last season. Columbia weak. Columbia is not reported stronger, Brown is said to be weaker. BROWN.

•North Carolina vs. Oklahoma. The Tar Heels will be tough at Chapel Hill but true southern hospitality will prevail...OKLAHOMA.

•Syracuse vs. Pittsburgh. The Panther was reminiscent of another era as John Michelosen unveiled a real powerhouse against collapsing California. PITT.

•Texas Tech vs. Texas Christian. TCU could be the strongest in the Southwest Conference, Texas Tech the best in the Southwest. But Texas one week and TCU the next—no. TCU.


Princeton over Rutgers
Army over Furman
Navy over William and Mary
Ohio State over Nebraska
Arkansas over Oklahoma A&M
Michigan over Missouri
Minnesota over Washington
West Virginia over Richmond
Purdue over College of the Pacific
Iowa over Kansas State
Mississippi over Kentucky
Colgate over Dartmouth
Colorado over Arizona
Baylor over Villanova
Illinois over California

Last week's record: 19 right, 5 wrong, 1 tie