Oct. 17, 1955
Oct. 17, 1955

Table of Contents
Oct. 17, 1955

Events & Discoveries
A Dream Of Glory
Game Of The Week
  • Having lost to the Cadets in all five of their previous games, Michigan took drastic revenge 26-2, moving a step closer to the Rose Bowl and knocking unbeaten Army out of First Ten. Halfback Terry Barr (No. 41 left and below) was bright new Michigan star

The Wonderful World Of Sport
  • When a Bangkok girl gives her boy friend this advice, she may be trying to build him up—not let him down

Eastern Football
  • Yale's former coach differs with Yale's president (see page 19) on the care and training of Ivy, but he concedes that there is still plenty of hot competition among his old friends in Yankeeland

Yesterday/When Brooklyn Won The Series
19th Hole: The Readers Take Over
Pat On The Back


8—Walter Daran
12, 13—drawings by Ajay
19, 40—Fons Iannelli
24, 25—Hans Knopf-Pix
26, 27—top, Tom Burnside; bottom, Hans Knopf-Pix
28—Robert Halmi
29—Bob Lackenbach
30—top, Max Peter Haas; bottom, Samuel Cooper
35—bottom, I.N.P.
38—Richard Meek
42—courtesy Yale University Art Gallery
54—William Bernstein
62—Richard Meek, diagram by Matt Greene, courtesy Punch, April 5, 1905
64—right, National Rifle Association

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