Oct. 31, 1955
Oct. 31, 1955

Table of Contents
Oct. 31, 1955

Events & Discoveries
Tigers, Truncheons & Tradition
The Wonderful World Of Sport
Conversation Piece:
Preview: Horse Show


2—drawings by John Suzuki
8—Kosti Ruohomaa-Black Star
12-14—drawings by Ajay
19—Mike Sirico, no credit, Turfotos (2)
21—Coles Phinizy
31—all except bottom row, Arthur Siegel
32—Arthur Siegel
37—Ira Haas
39—Phil Bath, Nye Wilson
42—Budd Studios, Freudy Photos, Budd Studios (2)
43—Hans Knopf-Pix
49—drawing by Anthony Ravielli
51—Ray Atkeson, Ormond Gigli-Rapho Guillumette
52, 53—Toni Frissell, Jerry Cooke, Toni Frissell
55—Richard Meek
61—I.N.P., Brown Brothers
67—top, Topicol Press
68—bottom, Baldev Kapoor-Keystone.

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