Freddie Temby, 13, of Bloomingdale, N.J., casting's most talented eighth-grader, has a tableful of trophies (below) and 25 special rods and reels after only four years at the sport. Not just a topflight youngster, Freddie is the only eastern junior who competes with veterans in all the senior events. He depends on keen timing to defeat huskier opponents. "The muscle men," says Freddie, "often beat themselves."

Emile Francis Du Pont, personnel director and a board member of E. I. du Pont de Nemours & Co., scheduled a day's fishing during a week's holiday at Bermuda and one hour after starting caught the year's largest wahoo for those waters. His catch (above) measured six feet and weighed 82½ pounds. The 57-year-old sportsman hooked the wahoo seven miles offshore and landed it after a 15-minute fight.

Edward Prelaz, 29 (left), Marshall College trainer, used the mouth wedge he had carried unneeded for two years to save Halfback Dyke Six (right) from suffocation in the Kent State game. Knocked out by a forearm blow, Six's jaws locked and he swallowed his tongue. "I pried open his jaws with my wedge," said Prelaz, "flicked out his tongue with my forefinger, and he was O.K." Six played the next game.