Mose Bush Hill, 12, of Waco, Ky. proudly pours milk into the silver bowl awarded to his 2-year-old Walker Hound, Little Baby Hill, winner of the Chase Futurity in the National Fox-hunters Association field trials. It was also a victory for the slender, blond-haired youngster—Mose had to get straight A's in school for two years in order to make the trip to the trials. His father, Mose Bush Hill Sr., who raises foxhounds, says, "I wanted to sell Little Baby as a puppy, but I couldn't. Young Bush cried and carried on so. He wouldn't even let me price her."

Dr. Francis Record Whitehouse, 41, of Lynchburg, Va. began raising beagles only four years ago, but last month three of his Briarwood Kennels hounds were winners in the National Beagle Club's annual field trials. Shown here with the doctor is Briarwood Dandy, a 4-year-old bitch, winner of the Minstrel Challenge Plate for the 13-inch, three-hour stake. A well-known specialist in internal medicine, Dr. White-house finds that raising beagles helps him to relax in his off hours. "The beagles are a real outlet and a hobby," he says. "Raising them is a lot of fun."