Jan. 30, 1956
Jan. 30, 1956

Table of Contents
Jan. 30, 1956

Events & Discoveries
The Wonderful World Of Sport
Floyd Patterson
Wicket Men


2—Walter Daran
4—Sport & General, Israel Shenker
5—A.P. (2), I.N.P.
12—drawings by Ajay
20, 21—Susan Greenburg
29—top left, Ferenc Berko, George Leavens (2)
30—George Leavens (2), Jerry Cooke
31—top, Franz Kraus, George Leavens, James Whitmore; bottom, George Leavens (3)
32—James Whitmore (2); top right, Richard Meek
33—James Whitmore
34—left, Gilbert A. Milne; right, Pierre Boulat
35—left, Pierre Boulat, A. Zardini; right, Hy Peskin
36—left, James Whitmore, Hy Peskin; right, Gilbert A. Milne, Ralph Crane
38—bottom, Robert Halmi
39—bottom, Publifoto
40—top, Carl Mydans-LIFE
51—Bob Bourdon
53—Susan Greenburg
55—Al Panzera
64—Max Peter Haas, Sun Valley Photo

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