Feb. 13, 1956
Feb. 13, 1956

Table of Contents
Feb. 13, 1956

Events & Discoveries
Conversation Piece
Sporting Look
  • Right off a Mexican peasant's back, it has been embellished by California designers to become spring's hottest merchandise

The Wonderful World Of Sport
Ski Tip
Fisherman's Calendar
19th Hole: The Readers Take Over
Pat On The Back


4—Rodeo Information Com. Inc., I.N.P., Neil Clemans from Los Angeles Mirror-Daily News, U.P.
5—European, Gene Pyle; bottom, U.P.
8—James F. Coyne
12, 14—drawings by Ajay
19—Mark Kauffman
24-27—Jerry Cooke
28—I.N.P. (2), European, U.P., I.N.P., U.P.
29—European, A.P., U.P., I.N.P., European, Frank Scherschel
31—Archie Lieberman-Black Star
40—left, Rice-Montreal
41—Gilbert A. Milne
45—Bob Bourdon
46-50—Fred Lyon from Rapho-Guillumette
52—Walter Chandoha
62—Underwood & Underwood

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