Italian sport furs and tight ski pants made sideline headlines at Cortina

The best-dressed spectators and participants at the Winter Olympics were either Italian or inspired by Italian fashions. They dressed with a flair unusual even for winter sports fans—among the most discriminating people in all of sport. They wore white ski pants made of trimly tailored elastique and combined them with sleek cable-knit V-neck sweaters. They kept warm with beautifully made duffel coats, and used such long-forgotten sports furs as lynx, wolf, seal and sheepskin with a freshness that foretells a major revival of fur for sport in both Europe and America.

Pensive Andy Lawrence models official Alpini hat. She tried unsuccessfully to buy it.

Svelte spectator in one of many sport fur coats carries matching fur bucket handbag.

Vivacious Floriana Giussain of Milan wears white ski pants, lynx-collared fleece.

Visiting Stanford student, Sheila Blumenthal, totes Chianti in duffel-coat hood.

Eye-catching duffel coat of erminelike fleece is worn by Marina Ebner of Trieste.

Traditional Alpine sheepskin, slacks, sealskin mukluks are internationally popular.


In his last two years of varsity football at Ohio State, All-America Halfback Howard (Hopalong) Cassady amassed an awesome number of trophies, Including the bright-eyed young specimen below

Proud of pop, two-year-old Craig (Scootalong) Cassady admires array of trophies won by the touchdown talents of his father. The honors include famed Walter Camp Memorial Trophy, Maxwell Trophy and Heisman Award. Missing from collection, which goes on display next fall, are 12 watches, four letter jackets and at least two other major awards. Scootalong and his father's other trophies were photographed by Dick Garrett of the Columbus Citizen.