March 12, 1956
March 12, 1956

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March 12, 1956

Events & Discoveries
Santee's Saturday
Mano A Mano
Fisherman's Calendar


4—top, U.P., A.P.; bottom, A.P., U.P., A.P.
5—top, Anchorage Times, Hy Peskin, Joern Gerdts; bottom, Martin Nathan, Richard Meek
6—top, Susan Greenburg
10—drawing by John Langley Howard
14, 15—drawings by Ajay
21—painting by Lilo Rasch-Naegele
23—top, Chick Solomon, Lisa Larsen
24—Lisa Larsen
25—Russell-Cincinnati Enquirer
36, 37—top, Chester Hawes; bottom, Benny Bak-Springfield Union
38—Tommy Carroll from Ray Manley
44—illustrations by Walter Ferguson
45—Mark Kauffman
46—-John Mazziota
53-55—courtesy Mercedes-Benz
56—Ferenc Berko
68—bottom, Walter Daron

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