May 28, 1956
May 28, 1956

Table of Contents
May 28, 1956

Events & Discoveries
The Wonderful World Of Sport
Horse Racing
The Outdoor Week
  • Hampered though they were by clothes and mores, Victorian women made a place for themselves in sports after a ringing denunciation of U.S. youth by Oliver Wendell Holmes

19th Hole: The Readers Take Over
Pat On The Back


Cover—Fred Lyon from Rapho-Guillumette
3—bottom, Mark Kauffman, John G. Zimmerman
11—John G. Zimmerman
12—Mark Kauffman (2), Richard Meek
13—U.P., Gary Winogrand (2)
14—Alfred Wright, U.P.
20, 22—drawings by Ajay
23—courtesy E. J. Rousuck
26, 27—Jay B. Leviton-Black Star
30—drawing by Fred Eng
33—A.P., Don A. Winton, U.P., Keystone
34—Boston University Photo Service, European, Harold V. Lyle-Topeka Capital, I.N.P., Australian News & Information Bureau, Ed Baker
36—Wayne Miller
45—Whit Wootton
52—top & bottom, Alfred Wright; center, George Facik-A.P.
60—Allan Gould
63, 64—Don Horter-Pix
72—Bob Tamaska, Russell Bennett Studios (2)

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