Outstanding husband-wife team in the booming sports car racing field are the Wyllies of Allison Park, Pa., a suburb of Pittsburgh. Both won at the recent Cumberland (Md.) national championship events—he in his Lotus Mark IX-A (rear), she in her Jaguar XK 140 MC. Born in South Africa, Malcolm Robert Jesse Wyllie earned his doctorate in chemical engineering at Oxford on a Rhodes scholarship, now is a director of the Gulf Oil Research and Development Corp. The Wyllies met when both were studying at Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore after the war. In addition to collecting sports car trophies (they have 60-odd in their Allison Park den) the Wyllies raise and train Arabian horses. The Wyllie children (a boy, Ashton, 6; a girl, Peta, 3) can't wait to ride and drive like mommy and daddy.