Making like a fighter, Chicago's Dave Philley commits the unpardonable sin (left) of leading with his right as he sets out after New York's Bob Grim, who artfully dodges haymaker (right), which cost White Sox outfielder $250 fine.

Making like a batter, thwarted baseball player Rocky Marciano takes formful cut at the ball while working out with Chicago Police team.

Fabulous Swaps streaks to fourth world record (1:39 for mile and sixteenth) while winning Inglewood Handicap at Hollywood Park as Jockey Willie Shoemaker looks back at runner-up Mister Gus.

Mesmerized Jack Dempsey (61 this week), given Bridey Murphy treatment by Hypnotist Bennett White (left, tootling on horn), belts out two-fisted imitation of Singer Johnny Ray.