July 23, 1956
July 23, 1956

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July 23, 1956

Casey's Pennant
  • The All-Star Game marks the halfway point of the season. It was a good game, followed by a good baseball week—one of heroics, arguments and oddities. Milwaukee opened daylight at the top of the National League standings. Old Mel Parnell earned a $500 raise by pitching a no-hitter, and Robin Roberts shut out the powerful Redlegs in 98 minutes. At Wrigley Field the bean ball made a brazen reappearance. Washington's Connie Grob won a game with one pitch, and in St. Louis there was a long rhubarb when the umpires disagreed. But the biggest news item of the week was unmistakable: the Yankees are in.

Events & Discoveries
The Wonderful World Of Sport
Track & Field
Harness Racing
The Outdoor Week
19th Hole: The Readers Take Over
Mr. Caper
Pat On The Back


2—drawings by Roy Doty
3—Marvin Newman, Hy Peskin
8—Richord Meek
16, 18—drawings by Ajay
20, 21—top, Morris Rosenfeld; Paul Schutzer-LIFE, Hy Peskin
26—drawing by Jan Balet
31, 32, 37—Hy Peskin
38, 39—top, A.P. (3), Walter Bennett-TIME; bottom, I.N.P., Paul J. Maguire-Boston Globe, A.P.
42—Roosevelt Raceway
46—Tony Triolo
48, 49—top, Joe Scherschel-LIFE; Joe Van Wormer
50—Swenson Photograph
51—Susan Greenburg
52, 53—top, A.P.; U.P.
58—Stanley A. Bauman, drawings by Anthony Ravielli
67—Julian P. Graham
68—Robert S. Young

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