particularly for golfers of chunky build

July 30, 1956
July 30, 1956

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July 30, 1956

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  • In the dimly lit world of boxing, the classic—and therefore most closely guarded—relationship is that between the manager and fighter. One of the few persons ever permitted to penetrate the protective shadow which conceals their everyday dealings is Robert H. Boyle. On the pages that follow, Boyle recounts his conversations with a manager and a fighter on a day climaxed by a bout. For reasons which are obvious, the names of the principals are withheld. The facts are not.

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particularly for golfers of chunky build

The major problem in golf for chunky men is keeping their swing from being too flat—that is, on too shallow or horizontal a plane. The first thing they must learn in order to avoid this flatness is to take a more restricted pivot. Employing a slightly open stance helps considerably to cut down an excessive body turn. So does concentrating on taking the club back on a straight line from the ball, since it leads the player into a more upright swing. As the illustration shows, I recommend that when heavily built golfers practice, they place a club parallel to the line of flight as a visual aid to coming back straight on the line.

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I am strictly a hands-player myself, but even for the average golfer of chunky physique I advocate the short, upright swing with the emphasis on firmness and timing. Don't let your left arm get stiff at address. Make sure your shoulders come underneath your chin, not out and around your chin. As for stances, I have found I get the best results by playing the woods with an open stance, the medium irons from a square stance, and the short irons from a slightly open stance.

from ED OLIVER, Blue Hill Country Club, Canton, Mass.