July 30, 1956
July 30, 1956

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July 30, 1956

Milwaukee Braves
Events & Discoveries
The Wonderful World Of Sport
The Manager
  • In the dimly lit world of boxing, the classic—and therefore most closely guarded—relationship is that between the manager and fighter. One of the few persons ever permitted to penetrate the protective shadow which conceals their everyday dealings is Robert H. Boyle. On the pages that follow, Boyle recounts his conversations with a manager and a fighter on a day climaxed by a bout. For reasons which are obvious, the names of the principals are withheld. The facts are not.

The Outdoor Week
  • Edited by Tom Lineaweaver

    Based on regular weekly dispatches from SI bureaus and special correspondents in the U.S., Canada. Mexico and overseas; and on reports from fish and game commissions of the 48 states and Alaska

Uncle Lou's Dream Boat
Sports Of The Presidents
19th Hole: The Readers Take Over
Pat On The Back


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