Aug. 20, 1956
Aug. 20, 1956

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Aug. 20, 1956

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The Minneapolis Millers took a shellacking in their new stadium (opposite page) when it opened last year (Wichita, 5-3), but the spectators didn't. Clear, colorful and cantilevered, the structure features a total absence of obstructing posts and a perfect view from any seat. Its designers, the Minneapolis firm of Thorshov and Cerny, who specialize in contemporary design, studied other stadiums country-wide, looking specifically for defects they should avoid. One of the places they visited was the New York Giants' antique Polo Grounds (see page 38). The Giants have since returned the call, and there are high hopes now in Minneapolis that the bright new stadium will help the city to graduate from a Giant farm town to the Giants' home, thus becoming the fourth minor league city to go big league.

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At dusk, almost mystical glow of lights high over Polo Grounds beckons New York spectators, who file pilgrim-fashion across Harlem River el bridge to the Giants' bottom-land field beneath Coogan's Bluff

Minneapolis officials hope the clean lines, easy access and pleasant coloring of their modern new stadium will prove as irresistible to a major league team as it does to fans