Aug. 20, 1956
Aug. 20, 1956

Table of Contents
Aug. 20, 1956

Red Fans And Ladies
Events & Discoveries
The Wonderful World Of Sport
Sires And Sales
The Suffering Fan
Sporting Look
The Outdoor Week
19th Hole: The Readers Take Over
Pat On The Back


4, 16, 18—drawings by Ajay
27, 28—Richard Meek
29—Bob Landry, Richard Meek
30—Richard Meek
31—Richard Meek, Paul Dorsey
32—Richard Meek, Jack Clark
37—Duff Johnston
38, 39—Mark Kouffman
40—Duff Johnston
45—Richard Meek
46, 47—Farrell Grehan
48, 49—Jerry Cooke, D. P. Rodewald from Rapho-Guillumette, Farrell Grehan
50, 51—Dmitri Kessel-LIFE
52—Earl Palmer-Shostal
62—Hy Peskin
65—Jim Hosmer
66—John Bryson (2), John G. Zimmerman
67—John Bryson (2), Ed Miley
72, 73—drawing by Joe Kaufman
76—top, A.P., U.P.; bottom, Sovfoto, I.N.P.
77—top left, Len Thorpe, top right, Phil Bath; bottom. A.P. (2), Michael Carr-KONA TV
80—top, T. H. Lineaweaver

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