Seventy-five years after the first national tennis championships were held on its courts, the Newport (R.I.) Casino celebrated with a pageant featuring costumes of the '80s worn by Mrs. James Van Alen (left), wife of the present casino president, and Ann Archbald of Washington, D.C. Swinging the squash-type rackets used in that first tournament, four of today's young players also reenacted early scenes. Among crowd of present and former stars and officials who attended ceremonies were (below, from left) Dwight F. Davis Jr., son of the Davis Cup donor; Julian S. Myrick, former USLTA president; Mrs. May Sutton Bundy and Beals C. Wright, tennis Hall of Fame members; and James Van Alen. They also watched this year's Newport Invitational, won by Australia's Ken Rosewall (SI, Aug. 27).