Sept. 17, 1956
Sept. 17, 1956

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Sept. 17, 1956

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Virginia Grant, attractive Canadian aquastar, teamed up with younger sister Susie to dominate English swimming championships at Blackpool. Virginia won 220-yard freestyle in 2:30.6; 15-year old Susie took three girls' events.

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Commander Robert W. (Duke) Windsor, who flew Navy's newest fighter plane. Chance Vought F8U Crusader, at 1,015.4 mph over California desert Aug. 21 for new U.S. record, was awarded Thompson Speed Trophy at Oklahoma City.

Master Sgt. Francis B. Conway outgunned more than 1,000 of nation's top rifle marksmen at 1,000 yards with perfect score of 100, became the first since 1900 to win Wimbledon Cup for second time, at Camp Perry, Ohio.

Gordon Pirie, 25, string-bean British paint salesman, out-jockeyed trio of Hungarian stars, put on final burst of speed to clock 7:52.8 for 3,000 meters at Malmoe, Sweden, bettering world record by almost three full seconds.

Bitsy Grant, at 46 only a little less agile than when he upset Ellsworth Vines and Don Budge in mid-'30s, lured Phil Hanna into playing his soft game, won 7-5, 6-4 for his first national senior tennis championship at Forest Hills.