Sept. 17, 1956
Sept. 17, 1956

Table of Contents
Sept. 17, 1956

Three Clubs
The Wonderful World Of Sport
Events & Discoveries
Big Game In America
Big Game


14—Francis Miller—LIFE
15—Hy Peskin
16, 17—Francis Miller—LIFE (2), Hy Peskin
22, 24—drawings by Ajay
25—Eliot Elisofon—LIFE
26, 27—Gordon Coster
28—Hy Peskin, Bert Morgan (2)
29—Bert Morgan, Ken Dare, Hy Peskin
37—Ernst Peterson
38, 39—David Goodnow
40—Tom McHugh
41—David Goodnow, Joern Gerdts
42,43—David Goodnow
45—Ozzie Sweet
51—top, U.P. bottom, A.P. (2), Turfotos
52—top, I.N.P., European, Max P. Haas bottom, Morris Rosenfeld, A.P.
54—John G. Zimmerman
59—John Bryson
61—Fred Lyon from Rapho-Guillumette
63—I.N.P. (7), U.P.
65—U.P., I.N.P.
72, 74—David Seymour-Magnum
80—Burt Glinn-Mognum

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