Sept. 24, 1956
Sept. 24, 1956

Table of Contents
Sept. 24, 1956

Events & Discoveries
Sporting Look
What Happens To Players?
19th Hole: The Readers Take Over
Pat On The Back


2—drawings by Jean Simpson
8—A.P., Freudy Photos, Tony Triolo, U.P., Arthur M. Uhlmann-Milwaukee Journal
9—John G. Zimmerman, Phil Bath, I.N.P., Paris-Match from Gamma, I.N.P.
15, 17—top, George Silk-LIFE
18—A.P., U.P.
19—Hy Peskin
20, 21—Gordon Coster
23, 25—drawings by Ajay
91—Jerry Cooke
92—Jerry Cooke, Phil Bath
93—Marvin Newman, A. Y. Owen-B.S., John G. Zimmerman, Hy Peskin
94—Gabriel Benzur
101—right, Fred Lyon from Rapho-Guillumette
104—Jerry Cooke
106—drawings by Jo Lowrey
110—bottom, Wide World
112—right, Ellery Kingston-Hartford Times
113—Phil Hutchison, James Coyne
114—Wide World, U.P.
120—Phil Bath

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