Oct. 01, 1956
Oct. 01, 1956

Table of Contents
Oct. 1, 1956

Yanks Vs. Nationals
The Wonderful World Of Sport
Events & Discoveries
The Illegal Whole's Legal Half
The Sporting Look
19th Hole: The Readers Take Over
Pat On The Back


1—bottom, Robert Riger
13—Arthur Dailey
14, 15—Arthur Dailey, Hy Peskin (2)
16—Arthur Dailey
27—drawing by Ajay
31, 32—Art Shay
35—Arthur Siegel
36—left, Cliff E. Lohs; right, George H. Day
37—Charles Reynolds, John W. Taylor, Charles Reynolds
38—map by Bolin
39, 42—Werner Stoy-Globe
50—Keystone, Jon Brenneis, European, I.N.P.
51—Paul Popper-European, n.c., Max Peter Haas, A.P. (2), U.P.
52—Russell Lee
53—A.P., Ryan Sanders-Atlanta Journal-Constitution
54—Homer O. Hacker-Dayton Daily News
58—Richard Burbage
59—Michael Rougier-LIFE
60—Dan Weiner
70—Robert Phillips-Black Star, A.P.
71—right, U.P.
72—Francis Miller-LIFE
73—Walter Bennett, Bill Humphrey, Wide World
79—Samuel Cooper

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