The Question: What Made You Realize That You Are Not As Young As You Used To Be?

Oct. 22, 1956
Oct. 22, 1956

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Oct. 22, 1956

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The Question: What Made You Realize That You Are Not As Young As You Used To Be?

Asked At The Touchdown Club, Washington, D.C.

All-America end Notre Dame, 1935

This is an article from the Oct. 22, 1956 issue

Here I am—a Yankee in Texas trying to teach the kids how to play end and snare passes. As soon as I arrived they gave me a cowboy suit, but I had to buy my own boots. With that outfit I just had to learn to ride a bronc. You know, I can't do it. I'm sure I could years ago.

Sportscaster Washington Redskins

In 1939 I was broadcasting for the N.Y. Yankee baseball team. It was I who gave Joe DiMaggio his nickname, The Yankee Clipper. Now, every time I meet an old-timer who tells me that he remembers the time I gave Joe his nickname, I know that I'm not as young as I used to be.

Co-captain, All-America, Georgia Tech, 1943

I was coaching a service team in 1952. One of my starting guards was injured, so I took his place at the start of the game and played all through the first half without any trouble at all. But, at the start of the second half, I just couldn't get off the bench. That was it.

Greatest pro passer of all time, 1934-1952

During my 16 years with the Washington Redskins I weighed 178 pounds. I weigh 178 now. I think I'm in as good shape as ever. Recently, I looked at a picture of George Marshall and me together. Not a line in either of our faces. But then I took a look in the mirror.

Fullback, Philadelphia Eagles, 1941-46

I have eight kids, seven girls and a boy. The youngest one is a girl, age 3. You should see her catch a forward pass with one of those miniature footballs. I don't feel older consciously, but when I play football and baseball with these eight kids they really run me ragged.

Touchdown Club Luncheon chairman

At the University of Buffalo I could run 100 yards in a football suit in 10 seconds flat. The other day my 12-year-old boy put over something I didn't like. I tried to catch him, but he was off like a flash. I didn't have a chance and finally stopped, puffing like an old walrus.

Guard, 1930-35 St. Johns (Md.)

Football used to he a lot of fun when I was in college. So I tried to prolong my football life as long as possible and played three years with the Washington Presidents. In the third year, for no reason at all, football didn't seem as much fun as it used to be. I was older.

Center, Duquesne University, 1939-41

I played several years with the Washington Redskins. One day a skinny kid named Eddie LeBaron joined the squad. He weighed a bare 170. He made me feel old enough to be his father, and I also felt sorry for him. But my sympathy was wasted. Eddie can take care of himself.

End, Georgetown University, 1938-1942

I have six children, all daughters. Naturally I'd like to have a son play at Georgetown, just as my brother Johnny would like to have a boy at Notre Dame. But the other day I looked at my eldest daughter, age 11, and realized that time is fleeting. No, I am not as young as I used to be.

Halfback, N.Y. Giant President, Touchdown Club

I'm coaching the John Carroll High School football team in Washington. Those kids weren't born when I was playing. I try to show them something, and they do it better than I can. That's why we might win the championship this year. But it sure makes me feel like a has-been.

Athletic Director Hardin-Simmons U.

I do a little ranching on the side and employ two cowboys, one on each of my two ranches. I work with both of them and could always show them how to do anything around the ranch. This past summer I tried to break in a horse. It used to be easy. This time I was glad to quit.

Notre Dame back 1915-1919, Founder Touch down Club

When I was a back-field coach under Doc Spears at Minnesota, he tried Bronko Nagurski at tackle one year. I was in pretty good condition at the time. During spring practice, Doc put me in the scrub backfield. I asked Nagurski to let me gain a bit through him, so I'd look good. "O.K., inside," he said grudgingly, "but not outside." Knowing that he was looking for me to go inside, I thought I'd cross him up and really look good by going outside. In my undergraduate days at Notre Dame it would have been easy, but this time I came to on a stretcher.

Is an athletic background an asset for a political candidate? (Asked at the conference of governors in Atlantic City, N.J.)