Especially for players of slim build

Oct. 22, 1956
Oct. 22, 1956

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Oct. 22, 1956

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Especially for players of slim build

By Gardner Dickinson Jr./Panama City, Fla.

If you are constructed like George Bayer—the last time I looked, George stood 6 feet 5 and weighed around 240—and are strong and well coordinated to boot, whipping the club through the ball at a tremendous speed calls for no extraordinary measures. You simply swing and it happens. On the other hand, slim fellows of medium height like myself really have to work to develop club-head speed.

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Footwork is what will do it for the player of slim build, and that is what I give the bulk of my practice time to—developing the action with my feet and legs that will make up for my lack of brawn. On the backswing, in order to prevent any swaying and in order to store up maximum energy to release later, I push forward, to the inside, on the instep of my right foot. This helps you harness your power, but you must be sure you don't overdo it and tip forward with your trunk. Then, as sort of a corollary, on the downswing, I find it helps me to increase my club-head acceleration if I push forward with my right knee, pushing it toward the left knee as I am coming into the ball.

Plenty of practice is required before this type of footwork even begins to become second nature, but the added club-head speed produces added yardage that is more than worth all the hours you spend lowering the practice tees.


PHOTOILLUSTRATIONOn backswing—pushing forward on right instepILLUSTRATIONOn downswing—pushing forward with right kneePHOTO