Mr. and Mrs. Shirley Majors' six children (top: John, Joe, Bill; bottom: Shirley Ann, Bobby, Larry) are all involved in football. John, 22, a tailback at the University of Tennessee, is an All-America prospect; Joe, 20, a freshman quarterback at Florida State; and Bill, 18, and Larry, 15, are high school tailbacks. Mr. Majors has a 34-game winning streak going at Huntland (Tenn.) High School where he coaches football and where Shirley Ann, 16, is a cheerleader and Bobby, 7, mascot.

The winners of the National 20-Goal Polo Tournament at Milwaukee accept their trophy from Mrs. Robert Uihlein Jr. while her husband looks on. The victors, whose polo handicap is limited to a total of 20, are Stanley Taylor, captain from Brandywine, Pa., with a six-goal rating; Billy Mayer, a seven-goal-rated competitor from Chicago; Ray Harrington, seven-goal player from Kennett Square, Pa., and Jim Kraml Jr., a student at the University of Illinois who holds no polo handicap.