Dec. 03, 1956
Dec. 03, 1956

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Dec. 3, 1956

The Melbourne Olympics
Events & Discoveries
The Titans Were Tied
  • 'Navy beware' is the message to be read between the lines in what Earl Blaik has to say as he gets his Cadets ready to face the favored Middies in Philadelphia this Saturday in the 57th meeting of the two great rivals

Scouting Reports
Sport In Art
  • Rousseau's quaintly mustachioed soccer players

The Outdoor Week
  • Edited by Thomas H. Lineaweaver

    In Montana state fish and game officials war on the fibbing military, in Michigan a National Skeet Champion breaks an expensive bird, while in New Brunswick a deer-jacker shoots with strange result

19th Hole: The Readers Take Over
Mr. Caper
Mail Order Gourmet
Pat On The Back


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