Dec. 10, 1956
Dec. 10, 1956

Table of Contents
Dec. 10, 1956

The New Champ
The Melbourne Olympics
Horse Racing
Motor Sports
Sporting Look
Football: Eleventh Week
19th Hole: The Readers Take Over
Mr. Caper


3—A.P., Toni Frissell
4—Ed Stein
10—Mark Kauffman
12, 13—top, A.P.; bottom, U.S. Olympic Committee, Art Shay, John Loengard-LIFE
14—drawing by Robert Riger
16, 18—drawings by Ajay
19—John G. Zimmerman
20—John Dominis-LIFE, George Silk-LIFE
21—Tom Hutchins-Black Star
24—Richard Meek
25—John Dominis-LIFE
26, 27—George Silk-LIFE, John G. Zimmerman
28, 29—left, John Dominis-LIFE, John G. Zimmerman, George Silk-LIFE
31—Phil Bath
32—Jerry Cooke, Richard Meek
33—Jerry Cooke
35—John G. Zimmerman
36—Richard Meek
37—Richard Meek, John Dominis-LIFE
43—Tom Hutchins-Black Star, John Dominis-LIFE, George Silk-LIFE, John Dominis-LIFE
62—bottom, U.P., A.P.
63—A.P., Hy Peskin, U.P.
67—Fred Powers
69—Mike Sirico
70—David Seymour-Magnum
71, 72—Perucci
74, 76—Loomis Dean-LIFE
79—¬© U.S. Olympic Committee

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