Dec. 17, 1956
Dec. 17, 1956

Table of Contents
Dec. 17, 1956

Down A Road Called Liberty
Events & Discoveries
Ski Preview
The Sporting Look
Florida Keys
19th Hole: The Readers Take Over


2—Walter Daran
18—John G. Zimmerman (2), John Dominis-LIFE
19—John G. Zimmerman, Richard Meek, Tom Hutchins-LIFE
29—Richard Clarkson
35—Jerry Cooke
39—Henke boots from Sig Buchmayr, N.Y.C.; Tavi boots from Tavi Products, N.Y.C.
40—Aluflex ski from Norse House, N.Y.C.; Fischer Quick ski from Sig Buchmayr; Nelson edge from Sports Unlimited, Portland, Ore., Tavi Tru Trak ski from Tavi Products
41—A & T bindings from Sig Buchmayr; Tavi binding from Tavi Products; Ski-Porte rack from Scandinavian Ski Shop, N.Y.C.
46—A.P. (2), U.P. (2)
47—Johnnie M. Gray, Morris Rosenfeld, A.P. (4)
48, 49—A.P.
52—Walter Daran
53—John Mazziotta
54—Olympic Committee (2); Herald-Sun, George leavens from Rapho-Guillumetle, Herald-Sun (2)
55—Olympic Committee, Herald-Sun, I.N.P., Herald-Sun (2), Olympic Committee
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61—Fons Iannelli, Erich Lessing, Sovfoto, I.N.P., Tony Vaccaro, John Launois
62—Sovfoto (2), I.N.P., Pappas Studios
64—drawings by Homer Hill and Fred Eng
71, 74—drawings by Homer Hill
77—Richard Raitt
79—left, Hy Peskin
80—Frankie Waits, Maria La Yacona

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