There were spoils galore after the Cotton Bowl game in Dallas, where TCU barely nosed out Syracuse 28-27. The players took home watches, the winning coach an immense trophy, and at least one alert athlete temporarily made off with a fair lady. Since TCU had lost three times and Syracuse was unfamiliar to the Southwest, there were 7,000 empty seats in the bowl—a cause for intense civic rue in Dallas. Nonetheless, it was a nip-and-tuck game of endless thrills. Jimmy Brown, the great Syracuse halfback, more than earned his wristwatch by staging a terrific one-man show, scoring three touchdowns and three conversions. TCU Quarterback Chuck Curtis—hot as a pot of collards—pulled the winners through with his brilliant passing.

Option play during party break provides opportunity for non-football huddle.

Syracuse tackle Jerry Hersheyand Back Jimmy Brown examine bowl watches.

TCU coach Abe Martin, chewing cigar, finds the victors must heft home the spoils.