Equally at home on grass, clay or wood, this youngster with the natural big serve and strong backhand sharpens her competitive instinct by regularly practicing against the best male opposition she can find. Fifteen-year-old Bonnie Mencher is the National Girls' and Girls' 15 Indoor champion, is seeded sixth Outdoors and is thinking seriously of entering the 1957 Women's National championships, held just around the corner from her Forest Hills home.

In the bright nebula of U.S. figure skaters no one has her eyes more firmly fixed on full stardom than this self-reliant 16-year-old from Ozone Park, N.Y. A late starter at 11, Carol soared from the U.S. Novice title in 1955 to the senior ladies' award in the Middle Atlantic championships this January. Carol adheres firmly to the rigid discipline of the figure skater, gets up at 5:30 to practice three hours before school under the critical eye of Coach Pierre Brunet. Her most cherished accomplishment is the "double Lutz," a jump of two full turns which very few amateurs have mastered.