To this former north woods logging boss with the flinty character of a New Hampshire rock pasture, the woods and hills of his cherished New England have meant lifelong solace from the abrasive responsibilities of, successively, Congressman, governor and now Assistant to the President of the U.S. The governor, shown here with his son Sam, is a fine skier, a skater, a snowshoer of skill and endurance and the man recorded in the annals of Dartmouth's undergraduate Outing Club as having once logged 413½ hiking miles in one year.

To mark Meade Alcorn's recent election as the Republicans' new national chairman, his Suffield, Connecticut neighbors presented him not with the traditional engraved silver tray but with two six-and-a-half-foot fly and spinning rods. Alcorn, another Dartmouth boy (who left with a Phi Beta Kappa key and several track records), has fished and hunted since boyhood, seldom makes a business trip or attends a party convention without bringing his fishing tackle and spends as much time as possible walking the woods with his bird dogs Beau and Ike. Of his colleagues in Washington, Alcorn observes: "The ones who stand the gaff best down there are the ones who get out and get some exercise."