Here, in pictures that they took themselves, members of the Hungarian Olympic team who sought freedom in the U.S. after Melbourne record their first snapshot impressions of their new-found land. Their Freedom Tour, which involved numerous coast-to-coast exhibitions of swimming, diving, fencing and gymnastics, kept them busy—but not too busy to enjoy the discovery of a continent


Air Force jet gets intimate inspection from fencers, including Lidia Domolky, at Denver's Air Academy.

Gulfstream fishing attracts Istvan Hernek, Miklos Molnar and Jeno Hamori during tour's visit to Miami.

Sports car spin through Las Vegas gives Martha Nagy a chance for some open-air impressions of Nevada city.

Boat trip down Miami waterway provides the visitors with a closeup view of handsome winter-colony estates.

Houston skyline and automobile lot draw a traveling Hungarian's camera.

Edison workshop, now transported to Detroit, becomes pilgrimage point.

U.N. Headquarters in New York City affords an irresistible snapshot subject.

Hoover Dam on Colorado River affords a natural chance to leave the bus, stretch cramped legs and take pictures.

Florida day off, between Freedom Tour exhibitions, allows several girl athletes time for a swim in the Gulf.

Arizona fire engine makes a wonderful prop for Gymnast Margit Korondi and fellow tour members, who found firemen in a small town glad to let them climb aboard for pictures before Phoenix exhibition.

Giant Cactus standing in Arizona desert halts group for sundown shot.

Diving exhibit by the Hungarians draws watchers to a Las Vegas pool.

Coconut palm on the Gulf Coast turns Hungarian fencer into climber.

Coiffure gets the attention of Lidia Domolky before Desert inn event.

Facade and flags pull the tourists' eyes upward at Houston's Shamrock.

Refreshments bring gymnasts and fencers to a Galveston beach table.