April 08, 1957
April 08, 1957

Table of Contents
April 8, 1957

Hang On And Pray
Ohio State Diving
Events & Discoveries
Farrell Of The Indians
Horse Racing
19th Hole: The Readers Take Over
Pat On The Back


Cover—Hans Knopf
3, 5—drawing by John Langley Howard
14, 15—U.P.
16, 17—Mark Kauffman
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21—Bob East-Gilloon
23—Coles Phinizy
25—Richard Meek
26-28—John G. Zimmerman
30, 32—drawings by Ajay
33—Arthur Daley
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42—The New York Times, Jim Sankovitz, Russ Yoder-Tallahossee Democrat, A.P.
43—Sun Volley News Bureau, Kay Aldous-Deseret News & Telegram
44—left, A.P.; right U.P.
47—Martin Nathan
66—Arthur Daley
74—N.Y. Daily News
75—Eliahu Attar

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