May 13, 1957
May 13, 1957

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May 13, 1957

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Last month Managing Editor Sidney L. James received a letter from Mr. Larry Newman, Awards Chairman of the Overseas Press Club of America.

This is an article from the May 13, 1957 issue

"SPORTS ILLUSTRATED's coverage of the Olympic Games in Melbourne and Cortina," it read, "has been chosen for a top Overseas Press Club award for 1956 for the magnificent and exhaustive coverage of those events. Specifically, SPORTS ILLUSTRATED was named Number One in the category for best magazine reporting of events involving persons, places or things beyond the 48 states of the United States.

"My congratulations to SPORTS ILLUSTRATED go to you, along with the unanimous approval of the Awards Committee."

At the Club's 18th Annual Awards Dinner last Monday evening at New York's Waldorf-Astoria Hotel, Editor James proudly accepted, for his staff, the plaque reproduced here.

Last December, in Melbourne, the Olympics brought SPORTS ILLUSTRATED quite a different honor. That was when 40 members of the Hungarian and Rumanian Olympic teams of their own accord appealed to our representative for help in finding their way to freedom from Communist tyranny.

I am happy here to bring that story up to date and to be able to report that all of those Olympians (save five, who for personal reasons have returned to Europe) are now satisfactorily resettled in homes and schools or jobs of their choice.

The inspiring experience with the Hungarian Olympians and the award from the Overseas Press Club seem to me to express clearly why SPORTS ILLUSTRATED, in reporting the essentially entertaining world of sport, can bring to this assignment a sense not only of pleasure but of journalistic responsibility.