California, over Wisconsin and UCLA, in 16:46.7 for 3 miles, Oakland, Calif.
Harvard, over Navy and Penn, for Adams Cup, in 6:25 for 1[5/6] m., Philadelphia.
Princeton 150-pounders, over Harvard and Yale, for Goldthwait Cup, in 6:31.6 for 1[5/16] m., Cambridge, Mass.


Charlie Norkus, 4-round TKO over Bob O'Brien, heavyweights, Scranton, Pa.
Paolo Rosi and Leo Alonzo, 10-round draw, lightweights, San Francisco.
Willie Pep, 10-round decision over Manny Castro, featherweights, Florence, S.C.

Beverly Hanson, Indio, Calif., Gatlinburg (Tenn.) Women's Open, with 295 for 72 holes.

Flin flon bombers, over Ottawa Canadiens, 4 games to 3, Memorial Hockey Cup, Regina.


AKBAR KHAN : $28,600 Dixie H., 1 ‚Öú m., by 1¼ lengths, in 2:16⅕ Pimlico, Eldon Nelson up.
LIGHTNING JACK: $28,150 Debonair St., 6f., by nose, in 1:11⅘ Hollywood Pk. M. Petersen up.
FAST: Radnor Hunt Cup Steeplechase, 3½ m., by 1½ lengths, in 8:15.1, Malvern, Pa. Joe Aitcheson up.


Harry Hoffman, Philadelphia, over W.E. (Slew) Hester, Jackson, Miss., 6-2, 6-2, natl. sr. clay court title, St. Petersburg, Fla.
Pancho Gonzales and Ken Rosewall, 1 match each; Gonzales leads World Pro Tour, 44-23.
Sweden, over Austria, 4-1, Davis Cup, European Zone, second round.