May 20, 1957
May 20, 1957

Table of Contents
May 20, 1957

Horror In Italy
A Blunder Is Repaired
Events & Discoveries
The Wonderful World Of Sport
Alas, Poor Giants!
Baseball X-Ray
Sporting Look
Fish Story
Second Wind
Gussie Busch
19th Hole: The Readers Take Over
Pat On The Back


3—Phil Bath
4—Olympic Committee, A.P., U.P.
5—A.P., U.P.
6—John F.X. Condon-NYAC, John G. Hemmer
12—Tom Burnside
14, 15—top, A.P.; bottom, Paul Schutzer, Jerry Cooke, Charles Recoupe, H. Cohen, Jerry Cooke, Hy Peskin, Tom Burnside
17—Art Shay
18—Howard Hopkins
19—Orren Jack Turner
20—John G. Zimmerman
27, 28—drawings by Ajay
32—Duff Johnston
37—Arthur Daley
38, 39—U.P.
48—Richard Meek
53—Jerry Dantzic
57—Robert Phillips-Black Star
62-64—D. P. Rodewald from Rapho-Guillumette
66—Margaret Bourke-White-LIFE
68—illustration by Rogert Riger
70, 71—A.P.
83—Arnold Grant, Fred Frechette-Richmond Times-Dispatch
84—Dick Hanley-F.P.G.

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