In next week's issue John P. Marquand presents his report on the caddie crisis at Happy Knoll Country Club. It precedes by one week the publication of a book, announced by Little, Brown and Company in a mailing to Happy Knoll members from which I am privileged to quote:

"This brief report is intended to supplement the Annual Report for 1956 which you recently received, along with the subscription letter for the deficit and the yearly dues statement. Although the activities, membership and problems of Happy Knoll were set forth there in some detail, a matter has arisen since then which we feel should be brought to every member's attention. Our country club is soon to be publicized in a book, Life at Happy Knoll, written by our Recording Secretary, Mr. Marquand, which will be published on June 10.

"Mr. Marquand, having access as Recording Secretary to the records and correspondence of the Club, has covered many facets of life at Happy Knoll: The Emergency Membership Drive; the deficit; breakage at the coming-out party given by Mr. and Mrs. Godfrey Bledsoe for their daughter; the problem of our golf professional, Benny Muldoon's future at Happy Knoll; the bitterly contested struggle about maintaining the status quo of the Men's Bar and the continuing employment of Old Ned, our beloved but somewhat erratic barkeeper; the plans for the Annual Dinner; and a description of a very unfortunate incident in the Men's Bar.

"The chapters have already appeared in a popular magazine called SPORTS ILLUSTRATED. We can therefore assume that by summer and early fall Life at Happy Knoll will be the cynosure of all eyes, in the newspapers constantly, and briskly sold across the counters of the bookstores in every part of the country (because, of course, there are Happy Knolls everywhere).

"Mr. Marquand is not to be blamed for our notoriety. He, after all, has but reported in his carefully factual way on one of America's great social and business institutions, the country club."

And in doing so, as SPORTS ILLUSTRATED has had good reason to know during the two years he has chronicled the history of Happy Knoll in these pages, Marquand has struck a warm and responsive note with countless SPORTS ILLUSTRATED readers, who have let us know not only by their letters but by their continuing applications for guest membership cards to Happy Knoll.


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