June 03, 1957
June 03, 1957

Table of Contents
June 3, 1957

Big Show
Events & Discoveries
The Wonderful World Of Sport
Mr. Trouble
Cups And Courage
Villanova Track
Darlin' Clem Labine
Baseball X-Ray
Part IV: The Lady And The Tourt
19th Hole: The Readers Take Over
Pat On The Back


3—drawing by Ed Vebell
10—U.P., Sam Cooper, U.P., Michael Cipriani-Yonkers Raceway
18—Seattle Times
24, 26—drawings by Ajay
28, 29—Dennis Stock-Magnum
34—illustration by Jan Balet, Jerry Cooke
43—I.N.P., A.P. (2)
45—John Mazziotta
46, 47—Joe DiPaola, Jr.-The Sunpapers
48—Joe Rudis-Nashville Tennessean
50-53—Coles Phinizy
54—John G. Zimmerman
56—Francis Miller-LIFE
63—William N. Jacobellis-Burchman, A.P., U.P.
64—I.N.P., A.P.
65—Tom McAvoy-LIFE
67—courtesy N.Y. Public library
70—drawing by Eugene Karlin
72—courtesy Roy Steenrod
74—Walter Daran
78—Kent Hollingsworth-Lexington Leader
80—top, M. E. Warren

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