June 03, 1957
June 03, 1957

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June 3, 1957

Big Show
Events & Discoveries
The Wonderful World Of Sport
Mr. Trouble
Cups And Courage
Villanova Track
Darlin' Clem Labine
Baseball X-Ray
Part IV: The Lady And The Tourt
19th Hole: The Readers Take Over
Pat On The Back


Brooklyn's Gino Cimoli (No. 9) bunts, and one of baseball's classic plays is set in motion. The purpose of Cimoli's bunt was to advance his teammate Clem Labine to second base. While Labine makes his dash for second and Cimoli lights out for first, Ted Kluszewski, Redlegs first baseman, is coming in to field bunt while Pitcher Hershell Freeman crosses over to his left for same reason. Redlegs Second Baseman Johnny Temple dashes toward first to take Kluszewski's throw for putout of Cimoli, as Right Fielder Wally Post starts over to back up Kluszewski's throw. Meanwhile, Smoky Burgess, Cincinnati catcher, alertly takes off down third base line to prepare for possible play at third in case Labine tries to take an extra base.

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