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July 22, 1957
July 22, 1957

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July 22, 1957

  • By M. R. Werner

    In one Saturday which reflected racing's golden boom, three better-than-$100,000 purses were up for grabs. At Monmouth, N.J. and Hollywood Park (Calif.), the public choices were easy winners. At Arlington (Ill.), the Derby winner was beaten but gave Willie Hartack his most gallant ride

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focus on the deed...

Whopping baby whooping cranes, now almost as tall as their 5-foot parents (Crip, second from right, and Josephine), strut about Audubon Park Zoo enclosure in New Orleans. Chick at right is 55 days old; other 52. Previously, oldest whooper born in captivity lived only 45 days.

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Monstrous Rocky Marciano, former world heavyweight champion (note girth), takes a plunge with Ellen Gottleib at Miami Beach.

Mighty 60-pound striped bass, largest of the surf-casting season, is hefted ashore at Cape Cod by Manny Lima Jr., Raynham, Mass.