July 29, 1957
July 29, 1957

Table of Contents
July 29, 1957

Baseball X-Ray
Events & Discoveries
The Wonderful World Of Sport
Regular Guys
Tip From The Top
The Fabulous Hamptons
The Marvel
Part Two: Mr. McDonough's Magic Shovel
Sporting Look
19th Hole: The Readers Take Over
Pat On The Back


3—Richard Meek
4—Wil Blanche-Prange Pictures, Mickey Senko-New York Herold-Tribune, Richard Stacks-Baltimore Sun, A.P., Homer A. Hacker-Dayton Daily News
5—Jay B. Leviton-Black Star, Mark Kauffman, George Silk-LIFE, A.P.
8—drawing by Anthony Ravielli
10, 11—Richard Meek, George Silk-LIFE, John G. Zimmerman
15, 17—drawings by Ajay
21—Bruce Burgess
29—Garry Winogrand
30—Mario Cavagnaro-USGA
31—Lloyd Dinkins
32—Rocco Morabito, Ed Morgan, Bill Young, Cliff King
33—Ted Lau, Paul Siegel. Alan D. Harkrader Jr., Charles Higgins
34—John G. Hemmer
35—Max P. Haas
36—map by Jean Simpson
50—Arthur Daley
51—Tom Burnside
58—Martin Nathan
62—Lawrence Schiller
63, 64—U.P.

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