July 29, 1957
July 29, 1957

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July 29, 1957

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Today's tennis clothes adopt traditions of dress which hark back to some of the greatest players of the game

If today's young tennis hopefuls are in need of inspiration beyond their ambition to excel, they can find it in this year's tennis clothes, which more than ever reflect the styles of the '20s and '30s—a golden age for tennis. Synthetic-blended, easy-care fabrics make these outfits practical for wide-roaming followers of the modern tournament. Nostalgic and again in fashion are the headband and pleated skirt made famous by Suzanne Lenglen; Helen Wills's above-the-knee skirt; Helen Jacobs' box-pleated shorts; and the flannel trousers worn by champions from Bill Tilden to Fred Perry.

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Zip-front cotton twill jacket, designed by Don Budge (McGregor, $7 at Arnold Constable), is worn with Orion-viscose flannels ($17.50, Brooks Bros.).

Above-knee, flare-skirted tennis dress of Arnel sharkskin has high-cut neckline of the '20s (Florence Walsh, $15 at De Pinna).

Sleeveless shirt and Bermuda-length shorts of blended acetate and silk have hand tailoring (McMullen, $20, Giddings).

Overskirt of knife pleats buttons over self-belted one-piece Dacron-and-cotton shorts (F. B. Horgan, $25, Roos Bros.).

Stripe-banded mesh shirt (Activair, $6 at Macy's) teams with Arnel sharkskin shorts (by Coberknit, $8 at John Jarrell).

Box-pleated shorts, cotton-knit shirt, cable-knit wool sweater are styled by Helen Jacobs (by Masket, $58 at Lord & Taylor).

Low-waisted tennis dress with modified sailor collar is made of Arnel sharkskin (Irving of Montreal, $19 at Saks Fifth Avenue).

Cable-knit sweater is all white (Fashion Hill, $22.50). All shoes shown are saddle design by Vincent Richards (Dunlop, $8).