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Aug. 12, 1957
Aug. 12, 1957

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Aug. 12, 1957

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Wonderful World Of Sport
The Salton Sea
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Pistol Shooting
Tip From The Top
Lowell Thomas
19th Hole: The Readers Take Over
Pat On The Back

focus on the deed...

Touch of autumn comes to the Los Angeles Coliseum, where 85,931 turned out to watch North beat South 32-0 in schoolboy Shrine game. Here, North's Herman Urenda is hauled down on 12-yard line.

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Mudder's touch helps frisky Iron Liege (left), who "thinks mud is like chocolate ice cream," slog through the slop to put topping on easy victory in the $42,900 Sheridan Handicap at Washington Park.

Grinning scorekeeper Eisenhower celebrates a night at the ball park, but grin turned to chagrin when Chicago beat Washington 7-1.