these faces in the crowd...

Aug. 19, 1957
Aug. 19, 1957

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Aug. 19, 1957

Champ Meets Veep
  • Mastering the speed and subtle whims of the biggest of the inland scows is a job for a sailor who can keep a clear head and a steady helm at 35 mph

Events & Discoveries
Trouble In Detroit
Tip From The Top
19th Hole: The Readers Take Over
Pat On The Back

these faces in the crowd...

Josh Culbreath, former Morgan State College star from Norris-town, Pa., now member of peripatetic U.S. track squad, scissored over 440-yard hurdles in breathless 50.5 at Oslo's Bislet Stadium to chop 8/10 of second off listed world record (Aug. 9).

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Walter Bonatti, intrepid Italian mountaineer who survived ill-fated attempt to scale Mont Blanc's treacherous Grand Pilastre last December, tried again last week, clawed for two days, clung for two nights, finally made it to top (see page 19).

Miner Cliett, apple-cheeked 13-year-old Alabama schoolboy, got on target for perfect 100, became youngest in skeet-shooting history to win national Champion of Champions title at Reno, also topped juniors, winning Ail-Around, two other crowns.

Marjorie Larney, 20, sparkle-eyed Queens College (N.Y.) coed, threw her 160 pounds around effectively at national AAU meet in Cleveland, heaving javelin 187 feet 8 inches to break three-year-old world record held by Russia's Nadyezhda Konyayeva.