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Aug. 19, 1957
Aug. 19, 1957

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Aug. 19, 1957

Champ Meets Veep
  • Mastering the speed and subtle whims of the biggest of the inland scows is a job for a sailor who can keep a clear head and a steady helm at 35 mph

Events & Discoveries
Trouble In Detroit
Tip From The Top
19th Hole: The Readers Take Over
Pat On The Back

focus on the deed...

Up and over at 14 feet 9 inches sails teeth-clenching Don Bragg, who earlier gave Europeans their first glimpse of 15-foot vault.

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Down but not out, Jim Like puts a crowning touch to his bronco-busting in Pike's Peak or Bust Rodeo at Colorado Springs.

Up and down body-building treatment with weights is latest training routine for Don Bowden, America's four-minute miler.

Bearing down hard on throttle. Driver Bill Muncey guides Miss Thriftway to victory in the second heat of the Gold Cup at Seattle.