Aug. 26, 1957
Aug. 26, 1957

Table of Contents
Aug. 26, 1957

From The Flyways
The Braves
Events & Discoveries
Wonderful World Of Sport
Fred Hutchinson
Sea Of Beauty
Part II: The Little League
  • By Kenneth Rudeen

    Concluding a nationwide survey of Little League problems, Sports Illustrated presents the arguments, pro and con, and THE VERDICT

Tip From The Top
19th Hole: The Readers Take Over
Pat On The Back


2—Louis Goldenberg
3—John G. Zimmerman
4—Paul Dorsey, U.P., Sam Cooper, Simpson Kalisher, Jim Osborne-Rochester Times-Union
6—left, Richard Dean, U.P.
16—Paris Match
17—Bonnot-Winkler (2), Yves Debraine
19, 21—drawings by Ajay
24—Flint Journal
25—Gene Pyle
33—Seattle Post-Intelligencer (2), I.N.P.
34—Seattle Post-Intelligencer
36—Bob Miller
46, 47—Kemsley
49—Kemsley, Alex Brenner-USGA
50—Seattle Post-Intelligencer
53—Richard Meek
54-57—Arthur Siegel
60—Walter Daran
66—U.S. Army Photo
68—Gene Daniels-Black Star

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