these faces in the crowd...

Sept. 09, 1957
Sept. 09, 1957

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Sept. 9, 1957

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The Last Nail
America's Cup
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Wreck Of Redlegs
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19th Hole: The Readers Take Over
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these faces in the crowd...

Mrs. Charles Bethel, member of winning Bahamas team, diligently battled 15-pound Allison tuna for more than half hour before boating it on 12-pound test line during final leg of Bahamas-Bermuda Angling Tournament at Bermuda, promptly filed claim for world record.

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Bill Yorzyk, limber-armed swimmer from Northampton, Mass. who brought home gold medal from Melbourne, now medical student at U. of Toronto, skittered 110-yard butterfly in 1:03.9 in exhibition time trial at New London, Conn. to better American record.

Charlie Coe, non-playing captain of U.S. Walker Cup team, was given many a restless moment by brash young Britishers, heaved genuine sigh of relief when his seasoned charges brushed off challenge to win 8-3 in two-day tournament at Minneapolis (see below).

Jack Tighe, balding pepper pot who spent most of his baseball career in minors until named to manage Detroit last year, was resigned for 1958, will get another shot at lifting Tigers into pennant race. Cracked Tighe: "I learned the value of keeping my mouth shut."