these faces in the crowd

Sept. 23, 1957
Sept. 23, 1957

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Sept. 23, 1957

Baseball X-Ray
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  • The week's news was rich with triumphs and achievements in the world of sport, on the playing fields of baseball, golf and tennis, on the race tracks and waterways and on the roaring roads of the motor sportsmen—and, if that were not enough, football was almost ready for its long-awaited rendezvous with the American fall. But no single subject provoked more discussion, speculation and indeed curbstone philosophizing up and down the autumn land than the engrossing question: Can the Milwaukee Braves blow the National League pennant again this year? The citizens of Milwaukee had the jitters (see below) and so did the citizens of St. Louis, but their moods were vastly different

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these faces in the crowd

Marina Doria, curvy Swiss beauty, displayed perfect form in 17-nation world water-ski tournament over Cypress Gardens course at Winter Haven, Fla. gracefully bouncing and gliding to women's slalom, trick riding and overall titles (see below).

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Nelson Rockefeller, businessman, sailing enthusiast, onetime soccer player at Dartmouth, but only mildly interested in baseball, held out helping hand in attempt to keep Dodgers in Brooklyn. His offer: to assist in building new stadium (see page 22).

Leonard Schofield of Chula Vista, Calif., representing San Diego Lawn Bowling Club, skillfully spun weighted balls down green to defeat Robert Savage of Chicago 21-17 for U.S. Singles championship in competition at Spalding Inn, Whitefield, N.H.

Jonas Irbinskas, 28-year-old professional from Milford, Kans., up on Tingling, held his own in obstacles, cross-country and steeplechasing, surged to front in jumping to win U.S. Equestrian Team Wofford Cup with 90.88 points at Colorado Springs.