Sept. 23, 1957
Sept. 23, 1957

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Sept. 23, 1957

Baseball X-Ray
News Of The Week
  • The week's news was rich with triumphs and achievements in the world of sport, on the playing fields of baseball, golf and tennis, on the race tracks and waterways and on the roaring roads of the motor sportsmen—and, if that were not enough, football was almost ready for its long-awaited rendezvous with the American fall. But no single subject provoked more discussion, speculation and indeed curbstone philosophizing up and down the autumn land than the engrossing question: Can the Milwaukee Braves blow the National League pennant again this year? The citizens of Milwaukee had the jitters (see below) and so did the citizens of St. Louis, but their moods were vastly different

Events & Discoveries
The Game
Eleven Elevens
Sport In Art
Conversation Piece
19th Hole: The Readers Take Over


Dong Kingman, the artist who painted it, calls this striking watercolor Pigskin Game. In it are all the bright, and sometimes grim, aspects of football juxtaposed to form a skillfully decorative spectacle. Kingman, who was born in San Francisco and educated in China, returned to the U.S. as a young man and, after World War II service in the Army, quickly established himself as a major painter. Now represented in most leading museum collections, including New York's Metropolitan, he teaches at Columbia University.

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