Over the years I have spent a lot of time working on my putting and, as a result, I have some definite ideas on the subject based on what works best for me.

I use the same grip as for the other shots. I advocate a very wide stance. It sets up a firmer foundation. With a narrow stance, there's a tendency to sway off the ball.

The less you break your wrists, the less margin there is for error. I try to hit the putt rather than stroke it. I play the ball just slightly forward of center—an inch or two forward.

As the illustrations below show, I stand with my left elbow well out and riding very high. My right elbow is kept close in to my right side; in that position it helpfully restricts me from taking the putter back too far. I start my stroke by pushing the left elbow back. This key movement of the elbow I can best describe by saying that the elbow moves the way it would if some imaginary hand were pushing it back.

I use this method because I feel that I can take the elbow (and the putter head) back on a very straight line from the ball. On the forward part of the putting stroke, I try to return the putter head to the same position it had at address.

from MARLENE BAUER HAGGE Defray Beach, Fla.

PHOTO TWO ILLUSTRATIONSthe left elbow moves back as if some imaginary hand were pushing it